Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work and Sleep Deprivation: Just another day...

Its been a while since my last post. Ive been busy as hell with work and school so I havn't had much time to post and check out my comments so I apologize for that. I had one hell of a test I needed to study for and although I've had a relatively shitty week, the test I finally got the test I busted my ass for and got a hell of a grade: A badass 50. Yeah thats right, a 50. You may be thinking, "A 50?! You're fucking stupid!" but considering that the class average was a 30, I think I did really well. Here's a taste of what we were up against:
It was an insane test... and just to mix things up, heres one of my favorite info pics:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Death of a Power Supply

I work as a part time computer tech for extra cash where I live and I occasionally like to do side-jobs for extra cash. Today, a client of mine stopped by and dropped off a Dell Dimension E521 stating that her computer wont boot up. I took a look at it and immediatley noticed the infamous blinking yellow light from dell computers stating that it was a burnt out power supply. No big deal. Just a simple remove and replace. But when I opened up the computer, i noticed something that brought tears of sadness to my eyes. I saw the dirtiest computer I have ever seen.
The computer is full of dust. This picture didnt come out too good but you can see balls of dust hiding in the corner from my compressor.
Here you can see the dust clogging up the intake of the power supply which probably caused it to overheat and burn out.
More dust hiding out within the crevices of the computer case.

The computer was much worse than the pictures show. I had to remove the CPU and clean the intake fan because the fan could no longer spin on its own due to the amount of dust wrapped around it.

The moral of the story is... PLEASE take care of your computers! Do not let them get like this because when computers take over, they will remember...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders

      Heres another little gem from my childhood. The game is Heretic created by Ravensoft using a modified variant of the Doom engine created by id. I remember playing this game at 6 years old and shitting bricks due to its content. I remember having nightmares caused by this game and yet I stimply could not put it down. Ive decided to share some of the screenshots I took while at work:
Blasting away some skeleton dude that shoots demonic axes at you.
Sneaked up to some enemies using a secret door. Getting ready to blast them in the back.

     Although old, this game is incredibly fun. It uses many of the same game mechanics as Doom such as level progression through keys and scripted monster appearances but the designers also added a bit of their own touch through the use of specific ambience sounds and an inventory system that adds a whole new touch to the game. Torrent the game and use an emulator such as D-Fend to run it. If youre still attached to your old retro games, then this game will not let you down.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Post

Ha! My first blog and post! I will be discussing random tid bits over science, video games, electronics and any other of my life passions. As a starter, I present you guys with my childhood hero, Caleb from the 1st person shooter, Blood published by monolith games. Incredibly gory, old but still fun shooter.