Monday, February 7, 2011

Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders

      Heres another little gem from my childhood. The game is Heretic created by Ravensoft using a modified variant of the Doom engine created by id. I remember playing this game at 6 years old and shitting bricks due to its content. I remember having nightmares caused by this game and yet I stimply could not put it down. Ive decided to share some of the screenshots I took while at work:
Blasting away some skeleton dude that shoots demonic axes at you.
Sneaked up to some enemies using a secret door. Getting ready to blast them in the back.

     Although old, this game is incredibly fun. It uses many of the same game mechanics as Doom such as level progression through keys and scripted monster appearances but the designers also added a bit of their own touch through the use of specific ambience sounds and an inventory system that adds a whole new touch to the game. Torrent the game and use an emulator such as D-Fend to run it. If youre still attached to your old retro games, then this game will not let you down.


  1. looks sooo similar to Doom! AWESOME POST!

  2. I've heard of this, but I've yet to play it. Maybe I will now.

  3. yeah looks like doom, and really fun too